FIFA 18 Release Date and Trailers Revealed

The Beautiful Game

FIFA 18 Cover

No EA Play conference would be complete without the latest addition of FIFA being talked about. Later this year, FIFA 18 releases with the man himself, Ronaldo, gracing the cover. Some of the key new feature include new animations and controls, real player motion technology, the addition of new team styles, and immersive atmospheres guaranteed to give the best FIFA experience to date. While some of these are purely aesthetic changes, the addition of tactics like tiki-taka and improved crossing controls will likely help change the game for the better.

The Journey: Hunter Returns

The Journey, the hit story mode from FIFA 17 is back and looks to continue Alex Hunter’s quest with transfer rumors abound. While there aren’t a ton of details on this yet, it has been announced that the mode will include stars like Ronaldo and locations like Brazil and Los Angeles.

Competitive Ecosystem

Switching gears, the EA Competitive Gaming Division announced the creation of a global EA SPORTS FIFA competition, expanding their current partnership with FIFA. Later this fall, EA and FIFA will launch a year-long competitive “ecosystem” that will feature real-life clubs and many ways for players across the globe to compete for football glory. There will be a multi-week playoff and grand final for players that qualify.

Powered by FIFA 18 and FIFA Ultimate Team, there are many ways for players to compete:

  • Official football league competitions – Players will have the opportunity to represent their favorite real-life club through official league competitions.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Cups – Open to all eligible players, this mass entry tournament starts with online matchmaking with top players qualifying for live events this winter and spring.
  • New FIFA Interactive Club World Cup – An All-Star tournament featuring players signed to clubs.
  • AND, top-tier competitive gaming organizations will help us deliver even more ways for players to compete at the highest levels.

Last year, when FIFA 17 launched, the FUT Championship Series was a big part of the added competition players could be involved in. In addition, the FIFA Interactive World Cup brought the best players from the FUT CS and FUT Champions leaderboards together for a chance to represent their nation.

As a hardcore FIFA player, you can be sure I will be honing my skills over the next couple months to have a chance at competing with the best. I have seen some of this top level play, and it will not be easy.

Pre-Order Options

There are three editions available to pre-order if you fancy getting a few extra in-game items or early access. These versions are the Standard Edition, Ronaldo Edition, and the Icon Edition. All come with varying bonuses, mostly for FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 Standard Edition
FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition

FIFA 18 Icon Edition


FIFA 18 will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 29, 2017.

For more info or to pre-order, go to the official website.

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