Headup Games Announced PS4 Release Date for Toby: The Secret Mine

How will it stand vs similar titles?

Headup Games Announced PS4 Release Date for Toby: The Secret Mine

Headup Games revealed that their new game, “Toby: The Secret Mine”, is releasing on July 6th, 2017! For $14.99 this beautiful platformer is all yours. Following in the vein of games like Limbo and Badland, this game features minimalism in terms of design and a story that uses visuals to reveal itself rather than dialogue.

The trailer features game play from a variety of levels ranging from forests, junkyards (?), abandoned battlefields, snow-capped mountains, and of course mines. Each area looks distinct and beautiful. Also featured are a few puzzles logic and physics based.

The Headup Games promises to deliver a challenging experience in their otherworldly puzzle platformer. Numerous puzzles, traps, and enemies stand in the way of Toby’s mission. To save his friends from an unknown enemy. To do that he must make is way through an eerie, dark, and creepy adventure.

“A peaceful way of life in a small mountain village is shattered. Someone has kidnapped most of its residents. A few brave souls tried to rescue their friends but none have returned.

… Brave little Toby didn’t want to just sit and wait to see what happens next, so he has set about on his own to solve the mystery. Entering the deep forest, he sees this may be an adventure bigger than him, but he won’t stop.”

The silhouette foreground on colored backgrounds looks breathtaking, and I could see people hanging prints on their walls of their favorite moments. The real question is will Toby: The Secret Mine stand on its own against the other games that inspired it? Or will it get lost in the artistic indie platformer boom we are currently in. It’s certainly a harder sell today than it was a few years ago, but I think the audience is still there and Limbo fans are looking for their next foray. We shall see when it comes out in a few weeks on July 6th!

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