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Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game Is Exactly What I’m Hoping For

Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game Is Exactly What I’m Hoping For

Sony’s press conference has just wrapped up, and we got our first glimpse of Insomniac’s upcoming game adaptation of Marvel’s beloved superhero. Spider-Man has always been my hero since I was a kid. I even remember playing the original game adaptation of the 2002 movie back on the PS2, and just playing it over and over again. Even remembering all the cheat codes by heart to unlock some crazy twists on the game. Now my childhood looks to finally be reborn with a brand new Spider-Man finally done right, and Insomniac is just the developer to do it.

Right off the bat we got to see how cinematic Spider-Man’s new game will be. One particular sequence we saw our favorite webslinger traversing through a destroyed office building, with fire and destruction all around. I was in awe by how gorgeous it all looks, but of course this is an E3 gameplay demo, so I won’t as optimistic once the final product is released. One thing to point out that makes the quality of the game even better is how seamless it transitions from gameplay to cutscene. The action set pieces are very reminiscent of the Uncharted, which I have absolutely no problem with. The stealth sections are also very Batman Arkham inspired, which is to be expected. The Arkham titles are considered to be the best superhero games today, but Batman is DC, so now it’s Marvel’s turn!

I’m hoping very much that these chase sequences are as often as exhilarating as they were in the demo. Playing as Spider-Man and chasing after a helicopter in Manhattan is as fun as it sounds. Overall I’d say this demo shows us exactly what we would want in a AAA Spider-Man open world game; sarcastic one-liners, crazy fisticuffs combat, and seamless traversal. Check out the demo below: Also, be on the lookout at the very end of the demo for a little easter egg/tease for fans. We do not have a release date, only we are expected to see it in 2018.

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