New Trailer Released for Agents of Mayhem

Meet the Bombshells

New Trailer Released for Agents of Mayhem

Yesterday was Mayhem Monday as a new trailer released for the upcoming title Agents of Mayhem. This trailer features the Bombshells, the explosive new additions to the MAYHEM team. This trailer introduces just three of a growing cast of characters for the game. For more information on the currently announced (more to come) head on over to This new trailer released for Agents of Mayhem starts with a few character quips and the start of a very Saturday morning cartoon theme, a voice over chimes in.

“MAYHEM has its share of eccentrics, but let me introduce the most volatile of them all. The so called Bombshells.”

The voice over continues to introduce each of the trio over shots of in game footage and 2D animated sequences adding to the overall Saturday morning cartoon vibe. First up is Joule a fan of high fashion and engineering machines of destruction. Her segment ends with her taking a selfie just as an explosion erupts behind her. The second bombshell is Rama,a world leading immunologist who uses that knowledge to improve her ability to deal the pain. Rama’s segment features her being stealthy and shows her unleashing a volley of arrows that emit clouds of poison gasses. The final bombshell, Redcard, is described as a “lunatic, a football obsessed phsychopath with a heart of gold” the voice over quickly adds with a sigh “Well maybe silver.” His section showcases him punching himself in the face, yelling, and just overall being brutish. The rest of the trailer shows off each character in action and swapping in and out of the action.

Each character will bring it’s own unique abilities to the game, and the teleportation feature will allow players to swap characters accordingly on the fly. Trading characters out allows for different approaches to different scenarios and the unused characters will heal as they wait to be put back into play. Choosing your team and how they work together is one of the core mechanics of Agents of Mayhem.

Agents of Mayhem is an upcoming single-player, third-person, open-world, action game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The release date is August 15th and for those interested in updates follow @aomthegame on twitter and As a bonus the song featured in the trailer is available at along with the song from a previous trailer!

Tell us in the comments which characters are you most excited to try out when the game comes out!

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