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Tiny Build Announces Community Inc., Alpha Coming after E3!

Tiny Build Announces Community Inc., Alpha Coming after E3!

I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan of Tiny Build Games and the games they’ve helped publish over the years. I make it my goal each PAX to even drop by and meet up with the team to see what’s new from them. Well today is no different and as I’ve said time and time again I enjoy supporting indie games. Today, Tiny Build has announced the game Community Inc. What is it you ask? Let’s dig into what we know so far about the game.

Community Inc, a game about building a village in a surreal, serene world filled with enchanting creatures. It plays like a merge between Sims and SimCity. You get into the micro management level of each and every NPC, and need to monitor their individual stats — all the while building a thriving community, and figuring out if you want to be fighting creatures around you, or make mutually beneficial deals.

  • Community Inc is a city builder/community management game
  • Steam page now live and has tons of information
  • Alpha sign-ups open (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!)
  • Open alpha will start right after E3
  • Coming this summer to PC

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