Why You Can’t Pre-Order Xbox One X, Yet.

Why You Can’t Pre-Order Xbox One X, Yet.

The announcement of a new console is exciting for two groups: developers and players. The decision to launch a console is an impressive feat.  The sheer amount of work is mind-boggling, from marketing, design specifications, and a set price point.  Microsoft announced the Xbox One X (Project Scorpio) to fans screaming and clapping.   So, why can’t fans throw money and pre-order?

If you’ve navigated to any retailers site or made an adventure into your local store; you won’t see any pre-order information or how you can pre-order.  Ready for the reason?  The Xbox One X isn’t ready, yet.

“We are a long way away from launch. So I think we wanted to have a really strong E3 around talking about the product” Albert Pinello to Gamertag radio.

Microsoft wants to spend a little bit more time Hyping the system–show more of what the system can do, which isn’t a bad a thing.  They want their players to be bought into the system.  It gives us a chance to see what it can do and to see what is coming.  They also have plans for pre-orders themselves.

“I think we are going to have some fun stuff to talk about with pre-orders that we haven’t talked about now.”

It’s interesting that Microsoft wants to do Fun Stuff with pre-orders. Does this mean that Microsoft may have a bundle or other pre-order incentives to go along with the launch of the system?  It is going to be interesting to see what they have planned for the launch, but the idea of incentives could be fun and a good move.  Fans have been doubtful about the $499 price tag, and other outlets have reported that Microsoft will have slow sales again, like the launch of the original Xbox One, and a pre-order incentive may just boost the launch sales.

If you are concerned about the lack of Pre-Order news, don’t fear, Microsoft has given a hint as to when pre-orders may begin.

“We are going to do pre-orders closer to launch”

We have a limited idea to a time–it could be a month or two months, before launch.   When the Xbox one launched in November of 2013, pre-order began around September, so that may give us a clue to when you’re able to throw money at the screen or confused cashier.

The answer to the question is simple: Microsoft needs more time planning and getting information out about the system; before their ready to take money.



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