505 Games Partners with Flat Earth Games to Publish Objects in Space

Objects in Space Logo

Publisher 505 Games has announced a partnership with Sydney-based indie developer Flat Earth Games to bring their retro open-world stealth-action space game Objects in Space to PC, Mac, and Linux in 2018. Objects in Space was the winner of the PAX Australia Indie Showcase, and also an alt.ctrl GDC finalist.

Objects in Space takes a different approach to starship navigation and combat than most space games. Rather than modelling their actions on WWII era dogfighters, Objects in Space takes its cues from the submarine combat of the Cold War. Run silent, avoid detection, and if you must engage in combat, do so as quickly as possible from as far away as possible, then disappear.

Objects in Space Map

It’s the map!

As they traverse the Apollo star cluster, players will find a world where time is always passing, and events unfolding. NPC dialog never repeats, making for an ever changing journey. There’s no main quest line to chase, but instead a whole universe of small stories to uncover at the player’s leisure.

Objects in Space Cabin

The captain’s cabin

What really sets Objects in Space apart is the home consoles players have been building. Developer Flat Earth Games even dedicates a section of the game’s website to instructions, blueprints, and guides that crafty players can use to build out their own submarine-like control consoles for their single-pilot crafts.

Objects in Space Bridge

One physical OiS bridge

From customizing in-game ships to building a unique physical playing area, Objects in Space sounds like it’s going to be a tinkerer’s dream game. We’ll look forward to seeing the finished product next year. (No promises on a build series for a Marooner’s Rock themed bridge though.)

Objects in Space Airlock

Ship airlock

505 Games is a global video game publisher delivering titles for players of all ages and levels. They publish and distribute premium and free-to-play games on leading console, PC, handheld platforms, mobile devices, and social networks. Among their recently published games are Assetto Corsa, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, PAYDAY 2, and Terraria.

Flat Earth Games was founded in 2012 by siblings Elissa and Leigh Harris. They previously released TownCraft and Metrocide.

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