BattleCrew Space Pirates Releases July 10th

BattleCrew Space Pirates Releases July 10th

Get ready to call on your friends and crew! BattleCrew Space Pirates is releasing on Steam, July 10th.

Battle Crew Space Pirates is a fast-paced competitive multiplayer platforming shoot’em up, which allows players to run, jump, and shoot each other into oblivion and establish yourself as the top crew.

The end of the Steam Early Access marks the end of a significant phase for the studio. During that period, the developers worked with the community to develop the core of the game, using player feedback to create maps, fix balancing and prioritize new features, a support for which the team is very grateful.
As a thank you gift to every player who acquired the game during the Steam Early Access phase, the developers are happy to offer a special reward they will automatically receive when BATTLECREW™ Space Pirates launches on Steam.-DontNod Eleven

The game was released on Steam’s Early Access platform, which allows players to give feedback to the developers and have a full discussion about the balances and things that need to be tweaked here and there.  BattleCrew has received positive responses from the players on steam, and it’s good to see that the developer is releasing a free version for players to try before they buy.  It’s also great to see that the developers are rewarding their players with a special item; once the game is released.

I’ve always been iffy on team multiplayer games–sometimes it’s the balance and sometimes it’s the players, but with the screenshots and the trailer–this is a game I could get hooked on in a heartbeat.

You can currently nab the game for $9.99 on Steam right now, which isn’t too pricey for a multiplayer game and doesn’t cause too much of a dent in the wallet.  It’s not known if the game will spike in price upon full release, so the best bet, nab it while you can, or you can wait for the free version on July 10th, either way BattleCrew Space Pirates looks like a blast to play.

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