Marooners’ Rock Destiny 2 Beta Key Giveaway

Marooners’ Rock Destiny 2 Beta Key Giveaway

We are mere days away from the PS4 and Xbox One beta for the highly anticipated Destiny 2! If you haven’t gotten a chance to pre-order Destiny 2 or you’re just unsure if you want to, then you’re in luck! As you all know we here at Marooners’ Rock LOVE giving away free stuff! We have been given keys for the upcoming Destiny 2 and we are more than happy to give some away! I know I for one will be playing the heck out of the beta with that new Titan subclass! If I happen to come across you in the Crucible, I will show no mercy and throw my shield at your face! Sorry.

Here are the details of the Beta:

  • On Thursday, July 13 beginning at 10 a.m Pacific, codes can be redeemed through the Destiny Code Redemption Form. Players will need to be signed into a valid account to finish the code redemption process.
  • Select your platform of choice, redeem the beta code on your preferred console, and then you must download the beta to your console. Players will have the option to select PC as their platform of choice, if they do, they will not be able to play until August.
  • Play the early-access beta beginning July 18 (PlayStation 4) or July 19 (Xbox One) at 10 a.m. Pacific. Players that select the PC platform will not receive a console beta code and will receive their PC code in August, shortly before the PC beta begins.

Now with all the giveaways we do here on the site we make it quite simple. If you’re new to the site don’t worry! We’re glad to have you here and we’re excited for you to be entering your first giveaway with us. Plus you’ll like our future giveaways too! We’ll be finalizing the raffle below and having it select winners on July 13th at end of day. So be sure to enter for your chance to win one of many codes we’ve been granted.

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