Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Ep 1 Out Now

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Ep 1 Out Now

Last month, episodic story-tellers Telltale Games and world-renowned game developer Mojang announced that Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 would be releasing on  July 11, 2017, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.  When the official announcement was made, it came as no surprise that Telltale games was working on the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode, especially due to the infinite possibilities available in Minecraft.

This week, the first chapter of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 episode 1 titled “Hero in Residence” was released and although we have yet to get our hands on it, we know that Jesse and the gang will be returning following the events of the first season. At the moment, Telltale has stated that the Minecraft: Story Mode season 2 will feature five all-new episodes. Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 continues Jesse and the gang’s saga as they learn to deal with their legendary status. Players choices from the first season will carry over into season two and impact the events that will transpire.

After vanquishing the Wither Storm, saving the world, liberating different dimensions, and solving a string of murders, Jesse and the gang must figure out how to balance their new lives with the responsibilities of being the New Order of the Stone. As the crew attempts to adjust to their newly earned fame and responsibilities, the friendships that Jesse and the gang made during the first game has started to become strained due to the lack of adventure and conflicting opinions. After Jesse mistakenly gets his hand stuck in a creepy gauntlet that belongs to an ancient underwater temple, the gang must reunite for a brand new adventure to save their friend. Together with old pals and new comrades alike, Jesse sets out on a brand new journey filled with tough choices, legendary moments, and at least one temperamental llama.

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 will feature voice work from Patton Oswalt (Male Jesse), Catherine Taber (Female Jesse), Ashley Johnson (Petra), and Scott Porter (Lukas), as well as cameos from Stampy Cat, Stacyplays, and other Minecraft personalities from the Minecraft community on YouTube. The second season includes Telltale’s unique multiplayer ‘Crowd Play’ feature, which allows friends, family, and viewers to engage in the adventure together by voting on which decision to be made ultimately leading the direction of the story from any mobile device with an online connection. Players who make the jump into the second season without playing the first can create the back story for their world’s Jesse, which will set the narrative for Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. 

Builders can purchase Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 episode 1 for $4.99 USD or purchase the season pass for $24.99 USD. Telltale has stated that a retail version of the second season will become on disc sometime during the fall of 2017. If you have played the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode are you excited for the new season or do you feel that it is not worth the asking price and will wait til a later date to purchase the game?


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