New Kingdom Hearts III Info To Be Revealed at D23

Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 information

Square Enix and Disney are set to announce some new information about Kingdom Hearts III at this year’s D23 Expo. Every ounce of Kingdom Hearts III news is worth its weight in platinum, so fans should be overjoyed to know there is a surprise in store. GamerPage has reported that there will be something coming and even pointed out an interesting piece from a Square Enix press release.

“Superstar YouTubers JackSepticEye and Strawburry17 will get their hands on the latest games from Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel including Star Wars: Battlefront II, Spider-Man, and Kingdom Hearts III! “

This means that the game will be playable, which is awesome, but will the reveal be a new world, or will it be new information on what has been shown so far? It’s a complete mystery as of now, but the mention of a demo is highly intriguing and is a good way for players and presenters to let the fans know of their early impressions of the game. One thing that plagues the mind though is the question of whether or not the game will be playable only to the mentioned streamers? Or will all the attendees will get a chance to play it?

Even having the chance to glimpse at something Kingdom Hearts related is sure to give fans a euphoric feeling. One can even hope that we will be getting a release date for the game or even news of a demo coming down the pipeline similar to Final Fantasy XV‘s Platinum Demo or Episode Duscae, which allowed many players to experience the game, but again, it’s understandable due to Final Fantasy XV being different from its predecessors to not have this available.

D23 should be an awesome experience for any Disney fan, but for those of us waiting for information on Kingdom Hearts III, it can’t come fast enough.

D23 will be held in Anaheim, CA from  July 14th-16th.

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