PAX South 2018 Badges On Sale Tuesday, July 18th

PAX South

Rejoice fellow gamers! Pax South badges will be going on sale this Tuesday, July 18th! PAX South will be taking place Jan. 12-14 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX,  and tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, July 18 at 3 PM EDT. The tickets will be available on the PAX South Website.  Single-day tickets can be acquired for $40, while three-day badges cost $80. For the first time, Sunday kid’s day badges (for 6-12-year-old attendees) will be available for $10. Attendees who wish to bring their own PC for LAN tournaments can buy a bring-your-own-computer pass for an additional $40.

PAX South 2018 merchandise will be available exclusively via the online store, which includes a $40 dice set from Level Up Dice, $20, a pair of socks from Sock Club, and $20 pack of drink coasters.

“It’s been incredible to see how quickly PAX South has grown and solidified its place in the PAX lineup, cultivating a culture all its own in beautiful downtown San Antonio,” said Jerry Holkins, co-founder, Penny Arcade. “We’ve seen an increase in the number of attendees and exhibitors at every PAX South, and this coming show will continue to up the ante.”

PAX South has quickly become a premier event for gamers since its inaugural year in 2014. At the crossroads of gaming culture and southern hospitality, PAX South draws tens of thousands for a celebration of gaming culture with hands-on demos of the most hotly anticipated titles.

PAX South is one of the newer PAX events, but it’s still a great time for gamers to get together and enjoy the company of each other to discuss something that has brought us all together. Pax South has always been a great time to spend with developers who openly talk about their games; it also allows for fans to really celebrate gaming and gaming culture.  And meet some new friends while you’re catching up on all the recent releases and soon to be released titles.

One word of caution, and one that will save you a lot of trouble before the event.  Make sure to get your tickets early, so, you are guaranteed a spot. In the past tickets have sold out at record speeds, and never trust the scalpers out in the street or sales on eBay.

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