Shadow of Mordor Update – Nemesis Forge: Monolith Sticking True to “Nothing Will Be Forgotten”

Shadow of Mordor Update – Nemesis Forge: Monolith Sticking True to “Nothing Will Be Forgotten”

We are only a few months away from the highly anticipated Shadow of War. Monolith Productions has released a new update for the original Shadow of Mordor, which adds in the Nemesis Forge. The big tagline of Shadow of War is “Nothing Will Be Forgotten,” which was made the original so revolutionary. Uruks had truly remembered your previous encounters and now this system is being built upon even more with the sequel. Monolith had the bright idea of releasing a new update that will let players import their top nemesis from the original game into the upcoming sequel.

Now this is exactly as it sounds. That one Uruk who ended up becoming the player’s mortal enemy at the end of Shadow of Mordor will now show up in Shadow of War. It’s no coincidence that the Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition recently went on sale for super cheap on all platforms. I just recently bought it for $4 on the PS Store and it’s bringing back so many great memories. His name was Gurub, The Slave Slayer (or something), I remember killing him just about 4 times as he kept coming back. Even to go as far as taunting me at the end saying “Ya just can’t kill me can you?” Oh but I did…maybe.

This new update is a brilliant idea as it makes the series live up to its potential of making each player’s stories their own. With the procedurally generated names and powers that the Uruk’s had, it makes the possibilities feel endless. October 10th can’t get here any faster, but Shadow of Mordor is also free to play on both the Steam Store and Microsoft Store from now until July 9th. Now, I’m going to go back and hunt down Gurub for the 5th time, and hopefully the last!


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  • DeafAtheist

    Dude, the Uruks you kill don’t come back to life… Your Nemesis is the Uruk that killed YOU the most times throughout the game. His taunt about not being able to kill him is because you went up against him more than once and died every time.

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