Toby: The Secret Mine Out Now for PS4

Toby: The Secret Mine Out Now for PS4

If you’re a fan of games like Limbo and Badlands, you’ll be happy to know, Toby: The Secret Mine is waiting for you on PSN, right now. Toby: The Secret Mine is an otherworldly platforming puzzle game; where you play as Toby,  whose friends, and fellow residents have been kidnapped, and you must help Toby journey through a dangerous world to help save your friends.

The game is heavily influenced by Limbo, which isn’t a bad thing, Limbo was a well-crafted game that was both horrifying and difficult.  Toby looks to be in the same vain, but it looks to have a lot more of a color scheme than limbo and the puzzle look to be a bit more challenging.   The background art looks to be quite colorful and seems to add a bit more to the environment, and seems to add something instead of being a distraction.  The puzzles also seem to vary instead of the traditional push crate here.

I’ve been following the development of Toby closely and can say with a definite amount of enthusiasm: I’m ready for this game!   Another interesting thing is the backgrounds and character art are all hand drawn.  It’s a nice touch and the backgrounds look beautiful and judging from the trailer the gameplay doesn’t look too complicated, or overwhelming, which is to be expected from a platformer.  The only thing that doesn’t quite sell me is the Character design, it doesn’t feel that much different from LIMBO.  The shadowed bodies with the white eyes are not something unique and very basic in view.  This won’t stop me from enjoying the game but will make it seem like a sequel to LIMBO, instead of a creation of its own design.

Toby: The Secret Mine releases on the Playstation 4 today and will cost $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99, and will be available directly from the PlayStation Store.

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