5 New Star Guardians Skins Announced for League of Legends

5 New Star Guardians Skins Announced for League of Legends

Last year, Riot Games announced that four new Star Guardian skins would be coming to summoner’s Rift to save fellow champions from the forces of evil;  the release of Star Guardian Jinx, Poppy, Lulu, and Janna was well received by the community, but some of the community was displeased that Soraka, the starchild, did not receive a star guardian skin. Well after a year of waiting, the displeased community members can find something new to complain about because Soroka along with four other champions is getting a star guardian skin.

At the moment, Riot Games is planning to release five new star Guardian skins to fight protect summoner’s rift from the Dark Kingdom (Negaverse). On September 7, 2017, Star Guardian Ahri, Syndra, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, and Soraka will be joining the other Star Guardians to take on a new foe in the new game mode called Invasion; can the Star Guardians work together to take down their for in a 5 player PvE mode on a brand new series of maps.

Form a squad of your favorite star Guardians and fight alongside your friends to defend the city from a series of monster attacks. Five players must work together in order to protect Valoran City Park in a 5 player co-op battle. Players win when they are able to defeat a series of invading space monsters and the final Boss Fight.

Each game “run” is made up of a series of 7 different encounters, followed by a final Boss Fight against “The Big One”. Between each encounter, players will be given a flat amount of Gold and a Level. During the intermission, players will have time to purchase items. Once players are ready to move on, star guardians channel on the large star in the center of the area to move on to the next fight.

Players can encounter one of four varieties of battles: Survival, Escape, Defense, and Boss

In Survival, players are tasked with just defeating all the enemies in the round. A wave will end as soon as the last enemy is slain. Enemies can come in multiple waves, so killing the last enemy is not guaranteed to immediately end the encounter.

In Escape, players must get themselves and possibly their teammates to the escape point.
As soon as one of your teammates reaches the escape point, the entire team will manage to escape and the team instantly wins. Players who leave the Star Guardian Protective Shield will begin to take damage; damage taken will escalate quickly the longer you’re outside, so be careful!

In Defense, you and your team are trapped inside the Star Guardian Protective Shield. Players must hold back enemy attackers without leaving the protective confines. Combine character traits to take down enemies. Players must defeat all enemies to progress, but if the players leave the shield, the environment will cause players to take damage.

If the players manage to survive, they will attempt to defeat the final boss and restore peace to Valoran City.

Additional information can be found at League of Legends P.V.E site

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