Batman: Enemy Within Gameplay Footage Released


TellTale Games released gameplay footage of their upcoming Batman: Enemy Within via IGN. And it looks frightening!

Last year, Telltale surprised fans by releasing a Batman game; what made it more intriguing is that it would be released episodically, similar to its comic book counterpart.  The game had some issues due to the new engine Telltale had created for their future games.  Overall, Batman: The Telltale series is rich in story and rich in throwbacks to the caped crusaders near 80-year history.

The sequel, however, looks to build off the first game with the quick time events and the stellar voice acting.  The gameplay looks smoother than in the first game with a lot more ways to take down criminals. Batman seems to be more up to date technology wise than in the previous game.

One thing that stands out, The Riddler, who seems to have a darker tone to his nature, which gives off the SAW motif, which isn’t bad, it gives the character a new feel. A character to be feared, and in the past, The Riddler has been a weak link in the Batman universe and never taken too seriously.   Enemy Within looks to redeem the character as a criminal mastermind and someone who truly enjoys making his enemies think on their feet.    Another cool addition to the footage is the introduction of Amanda Waller, the mind behind the Suicide Squad, so a good question to ask is: will Project X be mentioned in the game or maybe the theme of the next season?  This preview has many questions and hopefully, throughout the season, we will get the answers that we crave.

Batman: Enemy Within is releasing August 8th on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.   If you pre-order the game, right now on PSN–you will receive the first season as a bonus, which I highly recommend as it’s a new take on Batman and one that is quite enjoyable.  If you pre- order now: The price is $22 instead of the regular price of $24.



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