Beta Testing Begins for Mobile MOBA Flame vs Blaze


Square Enix is back with more news on the game FLAME vs BLAZE. As part of a closed beta, SE offers gamers within North Ameria a chance to play and define the future of this fast-paced MOBA. Square Enix has confirmed that a closed beta for FLAME vs BLAZE is now accepting applications exclusively on iOS. Players will have the chance to participate in the closed beta and ultimately define the future of the game.

What is this game? FLAME vs BLAZE is a brand-new MOBA title specifically created with mobile devices in mind. Featuring an overhead style similar to DOTA or League of Legends, FLAME vs BLAZE seeks to stand out as a high quality mobile MOBA.

From the press release:

“Real-time matches where each team competes to destroy the opposing reactor will be available during the beta. This will involve head-to-head combat, the ability to recruit defeated monsters as allies, and resource management to strengthen your own reactor. The game includes the unique “Mode Shift” system, which allows players to transform their character and gain new abilities, providing multiple playstyles for each character.

FLAME vs BLAZE will launch on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices in 2017.”

A new gameplay trailer also debuted, which can be seen below. Our thoughts is that this game will be an interesting one to play in the near future.

The Closed Beta application, full beta details, and the start date are available here. Will you be taking part in this beta?

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