Indies Fight it Out in Bounty Battle and it Looks Awesome!

Indies Fight it Out in Bounty Battle and it Looks Awesome!

Do you like fighting games?  Do you like Indie game?  Well, then, there is a game being funded just for you!  And it’s on the way to being funded.  The name of this masterpiece?  Bounty Battle.

In Bounty Battle, characters from Darkest Dungeon, Awesomenauts, Guacamelee (and much more) meet up for the ultimate indie fighter! Up to 4 players compete against each other using characters from their favorite indie games across levels from their favorite levels.The current list of studios is quite impressive, to say the least.

Bounty Battle

Air Ship Syndicate, Awfully Nice Studios,  D-Pad Studios, Drink Box Studios, and Eneme Entertainment.  The roster will include 10 original characters, and 20 indie game stars, and more plan to be released as “Free DLC” after the game’s release. All characters will include their own playstyle and unique abilities.

A violent brilliance crossed the skies…A huge vortex formed above each world, allowing its inhabitants to communicate with and travel to other worlds, thanks to a new material called the Ethereal Mana.It has also granted magical powers to a lucky few!However, this quickly led to a power struggle and many wars, where those with special powers fought for domination of the universe… After thousands of years of terror and chaos, wise beings gathered and decided that it was necessary to organize a competition to decide who would reign over the entire universe.Each world was to appoint a champion to represent it. A bounty would be placed on their head, and the greatest bounty hunter would earn the title of Master of the Universe. All the worlds are now participating in this ultimate confrontation…

Bounty Battle will also include, an original story with depth. And the ability for players to create their own combos, which will allow them to earn Bounty Points and will allow players to buy minions and other things to deepen the gameplay and their experience. Bounty Battle looks to be a true fighting game and looks similar to games like Power Stone and Super Smash Bros.  Part of the charm is adding other Indie characters to the lineup and allow favorites to go against favorites.  The game is 90% funded, which shows that fans are willing to see their favorite characters duke it out.

Bounty Battle

The crowd funding campaign is still running until the 22nd of August, so there is still time to pitch in and make the game more successful.  The rewards aren’t half bad, either. $25.00 lands you a copy of the game, $45.00  grants you the extended edition with wallpapers, Artbook, and digital manual, an extra five dollars and you can get early access to the game.

It’s worth checking out, not only does it look like a fresh fighting game, but it also shows support towards indie studios, as well.

32 years ago, a legend was born. Some say, he had risen from the ashes of the fallen Atari empire, others say: He was born in Illinois and no were near California in 1985. And saved the universe twice. Kurt enjoys gaming, writing, and being good a husband. He lives with his wife and pets in Illinois.

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