Conan Exiles Launches on Xbox Game Preview Tomorrow

Conan Exiles Launches on Xbox Game Preview Tomorrow

Only one day to go until Conan Exiles makes its much anticipated launch on Xbox One. It will be part of the Game Preview program which is the equivalent to Early Access for PC releases. Included in the release will be the free brand new expansion update The Frozen North. In this update there will be the introduction of a ton of new content and features and an expansion of the base game world by 70%.

The price to jump into the game preview will be $34.99 with pricing varying by currency for all 39 countries Conan Exiles will be available in. The price point will increase once Conan Exiles leaves Game Preview on Xbox One and Early Access on PC and launches in full in Q1 2018.

“We are thrilled to be opening up the gates of Conan Exiles to gamers on Xbox One,” says Funcom Head of Games, Lawrence Poe. “This version of Conan Exiles benefits from the six months of content updates, improvements, and enhancements done to the PC version during our first phase of Early Access. The launch of Xbox Game Preview paired with the release of The Frozen North expansion update marks the beginning of the second phase of Early Access for us, and the game is now bigger and better than ever. There is still work to do before full launch, but we are on track and very excited about what the future holds for Conan Exiles.”

To dig deeper into the many additions and improvements made to Conan Exiles, players can visit for a full overview. They can also head over to to read up on the upcoming free expansion update which will be available on both PC and Xbox One on August 16th

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