The Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Has Arrived

The Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Has Arrived

With just over two weeks left until Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Bungie has released the game’s launch trailer to get all the guardians around the world ready for battle. The trailer shows more of the conflict revealed to us so far in Destiny 2, namely the Cabal and Red Legion’s leader Dominus Ghaul celebrating their victory over the Guardians and the Last City. In addition, we see some favorite NPCs like Zavala and Ikora, but Cayde-6 steals the show as he is simply holding a chicken. Also of note, The Speaker appears to have been captured by Ghaul and is potentially being tortured, and it will most likely be up to us to free him.

While Destiny 2 launches on September 6th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC gamers will have to wait until October 24th. However, PC gamers will get a chance to try out Destiny 2 with their open beta from August 29th through August 31st. If you pre-ordered the PC version, you will be able to jump in to the beta day early on August 28th.

Are you excited for Destiny 2? Will you jump in and become legend once again? Let us know below, and hopefully we can defeat Ghaul and his Red Legion together when Destiny 2 launches next month for consoles.

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