Fortnite’s “Survive the Storm” Update Delayed

Survive the Storm

Fortnite’s “Survive the Storm” update was expected to roll through starting tomorrow, August 29. However, it seems there has been a slight delay. The Fortnite team had this to say on their forums earlier today:

We’re excited to get the Survive the Storm update out to you and we’re working to make that happen ASAP. As we’ve neared the date for release, we’ve identified a couple of stability related bugs that absolutely must be fixed before the update goes live. We’re working to address these right away. It may mean the update will be delayed until we can get in the necessary fixes. We hope this won’t take long and will keep you updated via this thread as we make progress.

Hopefully they can get these bugs ironed out quickly so they can get what sounds like an exciting update out to the players, the details of which can be found below.

“Survive the Storm” is an all-new mode: special mutant storms that come with some unique challenges and rewards, new weapons, and new heroes.

Watch the brand new content in the trailer below:

According to EPIC, this new mode is a limited time engagement that will test even the most prepared of commanders, so make sure you are on you’re A-game. These storms will have modifiers like enraged husks or limited health. According to the trailer, it seems that daytime will be completely safe to scavenge and build your base. Once night hits, however, not so much. While it won’t be easy, if you manage to survive the onslaught you can expect some special loot to come your way. Also being added is a hydraulic weapon set scavenged from the industrial yards of Plankerton, rebuilt into husk-destroying machines. These weapons, of which there will be nine in total, can only be acquired by earning tickets as players complete mutant storms.

The update also includes new heroes and defenders as well as performance enhancements and some all new art for the Canny Valley Outpost. If you bought into the early access, the update is release date is currently up in the air, but you can follow the Fortnite forums for the most up to date information. Does a delay like this bother you, or are you happy the team is taking the time to iron out all the bugs? Sound off in the comments below.

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