Harmonix Reveals Super Beat Sports For Nintendo Switch

Harmonix Reveals Super Beat Sports For Nintendo Switch

Harmonix, the creator of Rock Band, announced that it will be bringing Super Beat Sports, a new collection of musical mini-games, to the Nintendo Switch. Described as a sports game “with a musical twist”, the game is actually modeled after the Apple TV game from 2015, also by Harmonix, called Beat Sports. The Switch version will include console-exclusive “content and features.”

Super Beat Sports will take full advantage of the Joy-Cons to offer unique gameplay experiences that will allow you to “swing, volley, and hit balls to the beat”. There will also be full mutliplayer support for each of the mini-games, a new user interface, HD Rumble support, 60fps for handheld and docked mode, and bonus songs, levels, bats and costumes.

Harmonix has also released two trailers, one stylishly announcing the game and another showing us gameplay. In the gameplay trailer, they introduce some of mini-games, like Net Ball, that is like a doubles tennis match and Buddy Ball, in which four player stand and have to keep volleying a ball back at enemies.

The game doesn’t have a firm release date, but Harmonix has said it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop in the third quarter of this year.

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