Killing Floor 2 Out Now on Xbox One

Killing Floor 2 Xbox One Release

Do you own an Xbox One and think “Man, I wish I could play Killing Floor 2”? Well now’s your chance. Tripwire Interactive’s hit sequel, Killing Floor 2, is now available for Xbox One worldwide. With this release comes all post-launch content that arrived on other platforms, as well as some timed exclusives just for Xbox players such as support for the streaming service Mixer. You can also join in on a Twitter experience by following @KillingFloor and sending a DM.

Coming later this year in November, players can also take advantage of the Xbox One X.

We’re excited to finally bring Killing Floor 2 to the Xbox One family of devices, including the Xbox One X this November. Xbox has a rich history of dynamic FPS franchises and we’re thrilled to bring our game to their platform.

-David Hensely, Game Director, Tripwire Interactive

Some of the key features you can expect include:

  • Xbox One Timed Exclusive Content and Mixer Support
  • Survival Game Mode
  • Versus Survival Game Mode
  • Visceral Gore
  • Terrifying Zeds
  • Eunique Blend of Weaponry
  • Expanded Perk System
  • Brutal Melee Combat

If you haven’t had the chance to play a Killing Floor game before, I can assure you that any fan of intense action games will want to pick this one up. The early game lulls you into a false sense of security as you kill zeds and earn money to spend at the weapons shop, but as the number of remaining enemy waves dwindle, the zeds you fight get tougher. The thrill of running from a horde of zeds with 5 health remaining while you yell at your friends to save you is real, and only made better when you vanquish the final boss and survive the round.

If you would like to stay up to date on the latest Killing Floor 2 news, head on over to the official WEBSITE or follow them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

Killing Floor 2 for Xbox One arrives now, while the Xbox One X version will be available this November, both for $39.99 (US) /£ 34.99 (UK) /€39.99 (EU).

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