Mario, Luigi, And Samus Battle-Cars Headed To Rocket League On Nintendo Switch

Mario, Luigi, And Samus Battle-Cars Headed To Rocket League On Nintendo Switch

Psyonix has just revealed more details on the exclusive Nintendo-themed content coming to the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League. The ‘Mario NSR’, ‘Luigi NSR’ and ‘Samus’ Gunship’ vehicles will be headed to the Switch version for free at launch later this year. As noted in the announcement from Psyonix, team color will decide which version of the Battle-cars will appear on the pitch. Players on the orange team will be using the ‘Mario NSR’ and ‘Samus’ Gunship’, while the blue team will be competing in the Luigi NSR’ and a classic Samus color variation of her Varia Suit.

While all the vehicles will be free at launch, you will still need to unlock them by completing certain requirements inside Rocket League, which Psyonix will reveal details at a later date. In addition to the Battle-Cars, Rocket League on the Switch will also have ‘Mario’ and ‘Luigi’ Toppers (hats) that can be used on any non-licenses Battle-Car. There will also be a ‘Super Star’ Rocket Boost that can be used with the ‘Mario NSR’ and ‘Luigi NSR’, and a ‘Wave Beam’ Rocket Boost for ‘Samus’ Gunship’

Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch was announced at E3 2017 with this reveal trailer, and it looks to be a perfect fit and a great addition to Nintendo’s newest console when it launches this holiday season.

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