Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ep 3 More Than A Feeling Out Now

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ep 3 More Than A Feeling Out Now

After a two month hiatus Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy a Telltale series is back with a brand new episode. Although Telltale has become known for its award winning narratives and emotional compositions, their adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy has received less than stellar reviews. Despite the criticism, the show must go on and with it, the Guardians will have to really on more than just feelings in order to survive the wrath of Nebula.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy A Telltale Series Episode 3 More Than A Feeling released on August 22 and looks to leave off where the guardians left off. What is behind the great light in the hidden Kree temple? Who will the Guardians have to fight in episode 3 and will the Guardians saving Nebula in episode 2 come to bite them in their back?

Episode three, ‘More Than a Feeling,’ will be available for download starting August 22, 2017, for $4.99 USD or equivalent. Individual episodes and the series as a whole can be downloaded on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Mac, as well as the App Store and Google Play. The series is also available as a special ‘Season Pass Disc’ at retailers across North America for an MSRP of $29.99 USD, and at retailers elsewhere across the globe. The special ‘Season Pass Disc’ includes episode one, ‘Tangled Up in Blue,’ and grants access to download the subsequent four episodes via online updates as they are released. Additional platforms for release are yet to be announced.

After tracking down the origin of the Eternity Forge to a mysterious temple, the Guardians encounter an eccentric being who might hold the key to unlocking the relic’s true power.  Gamora and Nebula will be busy wrestling with the past while the rest of the guardians will have to deal with Hala who is still bent on reclaiming the Forge by any means necessary; it falls to Star-Lord and the other Guardians to make crucial decision that could change the fate of the galaxy, and the Guardians, forever.

The series features a star-studded cast of voice actors including: Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series) as Star-Lord, Emily O’Brien (The Young and the Restless, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor) as Gamora, Nolan North (the Uncharted series, Pretty Little Liars) as Rocket, Brandon Paul Eells (Watch Dogs) as Drax, and Adam Harrington (The Wolf Among Us, League of Legends) as Groot.

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