Night Trap Limited Run Release Out Now

Limited Run Night Trap + The Bunker

One of the influential titles that helped bring about the ESRB, Night Trap, is getting a re-release on PS4 coupled with the full collector’s edition treatment from Limited Run Games. Fans of this title have plenty to look forward to including a documentary by My Life in Gaming, a vinyl of the game’s soundtrack, t-shirts, and more. Not only that, but another game in the FMV adventure genre, Splendy Games’ The Bunker, is also getting a physical release.

Limited Run is helping keep this fascinating point in video game history alive with their physical release of Night Trap, which was originally a Sega CD game that sparked all sorts of controversy with its sexual themes, which are incredibly tame by today’s standards. Developed by Screaming Villains,¬†the game sports extra features including Deleted Scenes, Scene of the Crime, Survival Mode, and more.¬†Gamers will be able to make an order at 10am EST with a second batch at 6pm EST. Those wanting anything from Limited Run’s spread should try to make an order as quickly as possible, as these releases have a tendency to disappear fast. Each version has a set number of copies.

Those who miss out on the Limited Run release will be able to download Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition starting August 15th on the Playstation Store.

A more modern approach to this style of game, The Bunker released late last year, but is now getting a physical version for PS4. While Night Trap may have been scary back in the 90s, The Bunker may be a scarier ride for modern players. The game sports an incredible pedigree with writers from SOMA, The Witcher, and Broken Sword.

To find all the offers from Limited Run Games, simply go to their website. Good luck gamers! Share with us if you successfully grab an order!

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