Ojo Switch Projector Dock is Genius

Switch Projector is freaking cool

This is where I want to see the Switch thrive. Sure, having awesome games is a must and we still really need that Virtual Console, but there are few things more awesome than the accessory possibilities for the system. Yesojo, a Chinese company based out of Shenzhen, is working on what’s called the Ojo Projector. This magical dock will allow Switch players to project their gameplay to just about any surface, plus it’s a portable device, for impromptu Mario Kart or ARMS parties.

Here’s what the machine is said to be capable of:

  • 4 Hours of Play – Rechargeable with a 20000mA battery and works with mobile adapters for streaming on-the-go. The projector can also be a backup battery for your Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.
  • 30 to 120 Inch Big Screen – Equipped with TI DLP Technology. Contrast ration 1000:1. Full HD input support. Truly show your gaming videos clearly and brightly.
  • HDMI Input Support – With HDMI cables, you can connect your laptop, tablet, or smart phone to the projector to enjoy a variety of videos or images.
  • 200 Lumens – Luxurious viewing experience for outdoor activities and parties.
  • Stereo Speaker – Dual stereo speakers give you a perfect audio-visual effect. AUX jack is also available.

These features are pretty packed for a projector. I’ve used expensive ones before that had no speakers and no mobile cable inputs. It made presentations a pain in college from time to time. If the price point is competitive enough, this could be my overall projection solution.

Unfortunately, some of the finer details, like a target price for the dock are not available on the official website as of this post’s writing. However, the features of this piece of tech, could change the way I travel with my Switch. Goes to show just how much potential this system has and I hope in my heart of hearts that it continues to succeed so more creative things are developed for it. It looks like the project will be on Indiegogo sometime in the future, so that’ll likely be the best time to save some money on buying it.

Bringing a Switch to a party can be awesome, but bringing a full gaming package is just legendary.

Original story discovered on WWG

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