PAX Unplugged Exhibitor List Announced

pax unplugged Carolina game tables

A while back, I covered the announcement of the new PAX Unplugged event, an expo that focuses primarily on table-top gaming. With the sudden rise of board games and card games at these sort of conventions, having a whole PAX dedicated to those types of gamers was an obvious response. Now as the event looms ever closer, we now know just which companies will be showing off their games and products. Below is that list, in full, as it appears on the press release.

PAX Unplugged Exhibitor List officialWow, what a spread of board gaming goodness! At our household, we’ve been really enjoying Munchkin and Lords of Waterdeep¬†with the former being a great anytime game and the latter being a more strategic game that just gets more interesting as the night progresses. Between this and my years of playing Dungeons & Dragons as a Dungeon Master, I can imagine just how awesome a PAX with rows upon rows of tabletop bliss could be. With this being the first year for Unplugged, this is a great year for the PAX team to pull out all the stops in Philadelphia come November.

We do have a couple of writers going to the event, so look for the latest in tabletop gaming in November from us here at Marooners’ Rock. Personally, I’d love to get my hands on that newly announced Fallout board game. I don’t know what it is about video games becoming board games here of late, but I love the level of craft that goes into them. Plus, they look damn awesome on my shelf. Also going to make a mental note to buy the Bloodborne tabletop game the next time I see it.

More information about PAX Unplugged can be found on the official page for the event.

For a review on Phoenix Covenant, my favorite tabletop game from PAX East, go here. It’s basically Magic: The Gathering meets Final Fantasy Tactics and it was my first tabletop review.

Featured Image from Carolina Game Tables as featured in The Gamers.

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