Rumor: GameCube Games Inbound

Rumor: GameCube Games Inbound

The Gamecube is one of the better systems released by Nintendo–it wasn’t full of shovelware and the games were accessible to almost everyone.  In my humble opinion: GameCube was the second best system around, after the Super Nintendo.  But, yet, the virtual consoles lacks any GameCube games, which to many fans is a huge disappointment.  If you had an earlier version of the Wii; you could still enjoy some of the classics like  Luigi’s Mansion, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Metroid Prime.



A wild rumor has appeared that suggests that some Gamecube games may become available soon.  A list of Gamecube games made an appearance on Nintendo’s European servers.   Doshin the giant and Sonic Adventure DX: The Director’s Cut.   Are two of the notable titles, however,  it seems that this may be old information as well–since the European site started around the GameCube era.

We can hope that Nintendo is planning to release these games via Switch or Wii U.  It gives a generation the ability to play the games we grew up on and found so enduring.  One thing, that makes it even more exciting if it’s true.  It will, hopefully, give American gamers the ability to play Doshin the Giant, a game only released in Japan and Europe.  Doshin the giant was intended to be released on the 64 DD in America, unfortunately, The 64 DD never saw a release in the states.

In Doshin the Giant, the story opens on an island called Barudo, the game is narrated by Sodoru, who wears a mask, and tells the players about the legend of Doshin, and soon players control the giant, who tries to gain the inhabitants love by doing tasks for them, such as, planting trees, creating hills, and reuniting tribes across the island.  The game was well received in Japan and Europe.

Hopefully,  we can count these rumors as truth, but as many cases go; we may not even get confirmation on whether this was rumor or truth, for some time.  We can hope,  that Nintendo will come around and announce something soon–players are getting anxious to play older titles on the switch.


32 years ago, a legend was born. Some say, he had risen from the ashes of the fallen Atari empire, others say: He was born in Illinois and no were near California in 1985. And saved the universe twice. Kurt enjoys gaming, writing, and being good a husband. He lives with his wife and pets in Illinois.

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