Runic Games Announces Released Date for Hob

Runic Games Announces Released Date for Hob

Developer Runic Games has officially announced the the release date of their much anticipated action/adventure title Hob. Hob is now set to release on September 26th for Playstation 4 and PC. Hob is the Zelda inspired open world adventure that was announced all the way back at PAX Prime 2015. Runic Games is not stranger to quality as they developed the wonderful Torchlight and Torchlight 2, with the sequel currently holding an impressive 10/10 on Steam.

Hob was without a doubt my favorite game at PAX East 2017, and my fellow staff members at Marooners’ Rock felt the same as we named it Best of Show. For me personally, I was so impressed by it’s level design, mixing some Souls inspired combat with clever environmental puzzles. It was also just a joy to look at with it’s cartoonish colorful art style covering up a dark steampunk tone. In her hands-on impressions, Lindsey praised Hob, “They have absolutely created a stunningly alluring puzzle adventure which is single-handedly going to be one of the most entertaining and enriching gaming experiences of 2017.”

Hob is slated to release on September 26th and is available for pre-order. For those who pre-order on Steam will receive 10% off. For digital pre-orders on Playstation, players will receive 10% off as well (20% for PS Plus players).


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