Sega Shows off New Sonic Mania Bonus Stages and Time Attack Mode

Sega Shows off New Sonic Mania Bonus Stages and Time Attack Mode

Sonic Mania’s launch is coming up fast. With the game set to release August 15th, there is much to be desired for fans eagerly awaiting to play the newest title in the Sonic franchise. Well fans should be excited because SEGA just revealed that Bonus Stages (“Blue Spheres”) and a Time Attack mode have been included in the game. SEGA also announced some new Special Stage assets.

In the “Blue Spheres” Bonus Stage, players will need to navigate their character through the stage while avoiding the blue spheres. Once a sphere is touched it will turn red. If a red sphere is then touched it will instantly end the Bonus Stage, so be careful!

Players who manage to complete the Bonus Stage without hitting a red sphere will be awarded a Silver Medallion. Players who are able to complete the stage while collecting all of the blue spheres and rings will result in that player being awarded a perfect score and a Gold Medallion instead.

Sonic Mania will also feature the new Time Attack mode. This game mode supports all three characters and allows players to compete for the fastest speed in the world. There is an online leaderboard to keep track of each player’s fastest run on each of the levels.

In Special Stages, players will work to secure Chaos Emeralds by chasing down enemy UFOs. The Special Stages are similar to an infinite runner. Players build their meter and give their character an additional speed boost by collecting blue spheres along the way. The match level will increase as players fill their speed meter.

Sonic Mania will be available August 15 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The standard version of the game will run players $19.99 ($25.99 CAD) and can be purchased on the eshop.

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