Star Trek: Frontiers Gets The Return of Khan Expansion

Star Trek: Frontiers Gets The Return of Khan Expansion

Earlier this week, WizKids announced a new expansion, The Return of Khan, which will be making its way to the HeroClix strategy game, Star Trek: Frontiers.

Star Trek: Frontiers – The Return of Khan is designed by Andrew Parks and sees Khan Noonien Singh returning to capture a mysterious power within a Borg Cube, hoping to gain the power to rule the galaxy. With the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise scattered and in need of rescue, Captain James T. Kirk requires the help of Captains Picard and Sisko, working together to put a stop to Kirk’s long-time nemesis, before it is too late.

Preorders for Star Trek: Frontiers – The Return of Khan are open now ($49.99) and the expansion will include plenty of new content for the game. The expansion includes Khan’s Jem Had’ar Cruiser “The Pequod” on a ‘Clix Base, the U.S.S. Enterprise – A playable ship, fifteen encounter tokens, twelve crew cards, five new map tiles, six advanced action cards, six undiscovered cards, new scenarios and a rulebook supporting five players.

The Return of Khan expansion set is currently listed for release in November 2017, according to its official page.

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