Did Target Just Leak A Bethesda Game of Thrones Video Game?

Did Target Just Leak A Bethesda Game of Thrones Video Game?

Well, Target is at it again! The popular retailer may have just accidentally leaked information of yet another upcoming video game. A listing on their website was blank, but the title was enough to stir up some conversation: “Bethesda: Game of Thrones.” After literally just finishing the season 7 finale of HBO’s epic fantasy series a few minutes ago, I must say this is without the doubt the best news I could have heard. Considering the news that we may need to wait almost two years for the final season to premiere.

We have known for a very long time that Bethesda is very secretive with their upcoming titles. While we have yet to hear an Elder Scrolls VI announcement, we all know damn well it’s happening. However, we are aware that the developers are still have other titles in the works. Well if there was any developer to take the reigns of properly adapting the Song of Ice and Fire series to video game form, it’s Bethesda. Another reason that this potential leak holds water is that they originally were working on a adaptation of the novels into an RPG, but then HBO’s Game of Thrones TV show was announced so production had been on halt. That game eventually turned into a small little game you may have heard of; The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

This wouldn’t be the first time the series has been adapted to the gaming medium. In 2012 we did get a Game of Thrones action RPG from Cyanide Studios, but was met with mixed reviews. In 2014, Telltale gave fans a story based adaptation that was actually really well received. I personally enjoyed the Telltale game as it’s story structure is perfect for the unpredictable nature of the series. With Bethesda’s open-ended approach to storytelling, a proper Game of Thrones RPG could be possible. It wasn’t too long ago that Target accidentally spoiled a video game announcement, as earlier this year they leaked information on Monolith’s upcoming Shadow of War, for which they announced not long after the leak. Are we going to get a Bethesda announcement soon following the leak? We’ll find out soon enough! This would be a sigh of relief for fans like myself, (at one point I was even considering freezing myself until Season 8).

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