Tekken Coming to Mobile Devices

Tekken Mobile

Tekken is coming to your Mobile devices! There is nothing better than kicking butt on the go! Namco Bandai announced that they will be releasing their popular fighting franchise to mobile devices as a soft launch in Canada starting today. The game will be available for IOS and Android devices.

Pre-registration has opened on the official www.tekken-mobile.com website. In the months ahead, as more people pre-register for the game, more rewards and in-game contents will be available for the Global Launch. Players will be able to collect over 100 characters with unique fighting styles, upgrades and unlock unique special moves for each fighter, create their own personal style and adapt it depending on the opponent.

For fan’s worry about it being a bland experience Tekken Mobile will have a Story Mode, Dojo Challenges, and Live events to keep the excitement and punches flying. Story mode will include a new character named: The Revenant– a new character created exclusively for the mobile version of TEKKEN. The game will lead players into battle through a map-based campaign featuring unique encounters with specialized and powerful bosses. This mode offers the chance to build specialized teams to take down unique missions and explore dynamic battle maps to collect rewards and glory.

The game will also feature Online Versus Mode, where players will be able to defend their Dojo from rivals, players will have the ability to record and upload their battles, as well. Of course, no fighting game would be complete without, LIVE EVENTS – Players will be able to experience, live events that are updated with daily, weekly and monthly rotating content. Players can access special themed events with unique experiences and encounters and Special Events with rare characters and content.

If you’re like me and like to be social with your mobile games and want to interact with other players, Bandai Namco has created an official Reddit group to interact with other players, which is pretty awesome, Reddit users are pretty helpful when trying to accomplish something and constantly give feedback on how to improve your experience.  You can join the official community on reddit.com/r/TekkenMobile



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