Three SNES Classic-Themed Nintendo Power Covers Revealed By Nintendo

Three SNES Classic-Themed Nintendo Power Covers Revealed By Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed three SNES Classic-Themed Nintendo Power Covers that are available for download that celebrate the legacy of Mario, Zelda, and Star Fox 2. Also, for those headed to PAX West, Nintendo will be handing out physical copies of these images as collector’s posters to attendees of Nintendo’s “Special” Panel. No further details have been given of this panel, except that it will be held in the Hydra Theater on September 2nd from 10am-11am PT. Hopefully more incredible news will come out of their showing!

As for the posters, the first one is focused on Super Mario World, and has some wonderful artwork of Mario, Yoshi, and some enemies that will stand in their way once again when the SNES Classic is released to the wild. The second poster is focused on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and tasks you to “Discover Hyrule’s Dark Side”. Lastly, #3 is focused on the never released Star Fox 2, that gamers around the world will finally be able to play on September 29th with the SNES Classic, and has the main characters featured, ready for any challenge that will come their way.

Are you a fan of these new images/posters? What game would you have liked to see get this special treatment? Let us know below and stay tuned for all the incredible news that will undoubtedly come out from PAX West!

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