Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition Has Now Been Released

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition Has Now Been Released

Respawn and EA have officially released the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition for digital download on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Titanfall 2 was quite the surprise when it was released last year, coming out between the two FPS juggernauts Battlefield of Call of Duty. This definitely hindered it’s success financially, but it was the critical praise that gave the game it’s fan base. I for one did not expect the sequel to be as fun as it was. It was quite possibly being the best FPS campaign I’ve played since Call of Duty: Black Ops. For those who have still not played Titanfall 2 can now sink their teeth into the Ultimate Edition.

With the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition, players will get access to all the content from the Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition, including Scorch and Ion Prime Titans, Titan Warpaints, and more. Fans will also receive the brand-new Jump Start Pack that unlocks all Titans and Pilot Tacticals, 500 tokens to redeem on loadouts, cosmetics, and gear, ten 2XP tokens, and the Underground R-201 Carbine Warpaint. In addition to all the content included in the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition, players will also be able to download all Titanfall 2 post-launch DLC for free.

Anyone unfamiliar with Titanfall 2 should definitely pick this edition up. It has some of the most fluid gameplay in the industry, and gave us a truly memorable single player experience. This is all the more better considering the first Titanfall was a multiplayer only title. Well there was “multiplayer campaign” but we don’t talk about that. We here at Marooners’ Rock adored Titanfall 2 in our review, praising its slick design, polished gameplay, and abundance of content.

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is available for digital download only in the PlayStation StoreXbox Marketplace and Origin for PC. For more information on Titanfall 2, join the conversation on FacebookYouTubeTwitter and Instagram.

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