Top 5 Deals with Gold 8/22 – 8/28

Top 5 Deals with Gold 8/22 – 8/28

Yesterday afternoon, gamers around the world got a brief glimpse at the next big games and accessories coming within the next few months. Some of the most exciting announcements revolved around upcoming games such as Destiny 2, Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battle Front 2, and other big name titles. In celebration of all the major announcements, gamers can stock up on some of the Bethesda’s and other big name titles through the Deals with Gold program.

Starting today, a new set of titles are discounted through the Deals with Gold program and will be on sale until August 28th (8/22-8/28). If you are trying to prepare for some of the next big name titles that are scheduled to come out then there are a few deals you might want to take advantage of.  Below is a list of five titles to consider picking up while on sale.

1. The Evil Within Digital Bundle (Xbox One) – The Evil Within 2 is scheduled to be released during October 2017. The Evil Within 2 is the continuation of a game that changed the Horror Landscape and put Bethesda on the map as a horror company. Yes, Bethesda already had Prey and Doom, but the Evil Within two just further expressed Bethesda’s objective to make great games. The Evil Within Digital Bundle is discounted to 1/3 of the normal price.

2. BioShock: The Collection (Xbox One) – If you have yet to play any of the BioShock games, the BioShock Collection is a great way to get into the franchise offering players all three titles. Right now BioShock: the Collection is on sale for $30. If you decide to purchase the collection it is best if you start with BioShock 1 first even though BioShock Infinite is often considered the best game in the franchise.

3. Final Fantasy XV (Xbox One) – Although there is currently no direct sequel in the works, a fishing DLC was announced at E3 2017.  Final Fantasy XV has been considered the Best Final Fantasy within the last few years. As soon as this offer was announced, I had no option but to pick up the title to see what all the fuss was about. Final Fantasy XV is currently on sale for $25 while the premium edition is on sale for $37.50.

4. Prey  (Xbox One) – When Bethesda first announced that they would be relaunching Prey, the gaming community was skeptical. The community started to wonder what had gone wrong with the development of Prey 2 and why had the project been scrapped? After its release, the reimagining of Prey’s only criticism was an exploit in the game that allowed the game to be beaten within a short amount of time. Prey was a reimaging of the already successful title and introduced players to yet another Bethesda Horror game. Prey is on Sale for $30 for Xbox Live Gold Members.

5. Need for Speed 2016 (Xbox One) – After years of questionable Need for Speed titles, Need for Speed return with a new installment that brings back what players loved about previous Need for Speed titles. Players could work with their crew to increase their reputation and  race against racing elites. If Need for Speed Payback builds on what Need for Speed 2016 established then it will blow the community away. Need for Speed is currently on Sale for $5 to Xbox live gold members through the Deals with Gold program.  Gold members can also download the Deluxe Edition for $6.25.

Although these offers may be great there are other deals that Xbox Live gold members may be interested in. You can check out other on Major Nelson’s blog here. If you are still on the Xbox 360 there are a a few titles that will help save a huge chunk of change.

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