Upcoming Overwatch Update Changes Mercy’s Ultimate

Upcoming Overwatch Update Changes Mercy’s Ultimate

Overwatch game director, Jeff Kapan, announced today in a developer update video some big changes coming for certain heroes, especially Mercy. As many know, Mercy’s Ultimate ability, Resurrect, allows her to revive multiple dead teammates within a certain range. This new update, live now in PTR, will make Resurrect a common second ability next to her Guardian Angel skill. Moving this skill away from the ultimate means that now it can only revive a single-target and will be on “a rather long cooldown.”

Replacing Resurrect will be a new ultimate called Valkyrie. When Mercy activates this Ultimate Ability, she can fly around the stage and buff her abilities. This means the range for Guardian Angel will increase, her healing and damage boost beams will be more powerful and can attach to multiple teammates at once, and the fire rate and damage of her Caduceus Blaster will improve as well.

Mercy isn’t the only hero being changed, as D. Va will also be undergoing some minor adjustments. The Overwatch team is trying to “lessen the impact of Defense Matrix without injuring the character’s ability to perform her primary role, which is that of Tank.” There are also other tweaks in the works that they hope will make D. Va more fun when going on the attack.

There may be some other changes coming, and you can test them out now in the PTR. As for when these will be live for all players? Jeff Kaplan is not giving us a firm date, but only saying “soon”.

How do you feel about these changes? Is Mercy your main? Discuss below and tell us how you really feel! Also, feel free to watch the entire developer update below to learn more about the upcoming changes.

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