Windjammers Is Back, Everyone!

Windjammers Screen 1

Is Windjammers the best game of 2017? Some may say it’s been the best game every year since its release in 1994. While some tech savvy players have been able to play the game through emulators, or are lucky enough to own a copy of the original on a Neo Geo, there is finally a way for everyone to play. Made possible by the team over at DotEmu, a developer and publisher specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games, Windjammers officially releases today on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

Some features of this release include:

  • Online Versus: for the first time ever, face other players worldwide in ranked matches and compete in the top leagues
  • 6 unique characters with their own special skills and super throws
  • 6 playable environments, from sunny beach to crowded stadium
  • 2 unlockable mini-games: Dog Distance & Bowling
  • New HD menus
  • Cross-Buy

Self described as the “perfect mix between Pong and Street Fighter”, Windjammers brings a complete online mode to the console. Included is a new online ranked mode guaranteed to be competitive and challenge you to become the best player in the world. You will be able to check your stats and leaderboards on the official website. Also, October 14th and 15th will be the official Windjammers Asia Championships at SEA Major 2017 in Singapore, where the greatest fighting games pros will battle it out on the court to win a $6,500 cash prize and be forever recognized as a Windjammer great.

You can find more information for upcoming online and live competitions at the DotEmu Windjammers WEBSITE or check the Twitter page @windjammers.

Check out the trailer below, and pick up the game now for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita for $14.99.

Taylor is an aspiring game developer and hopes to work for one of the top developers of the day: Naughty Dog. He is also the King of Backlog and any attempt at his throne will be met with failure. He enjoys games of all kinds with the exception of fighting games. He’ll play them, but he won’t like it.

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