Amazon Early September Gaming Deals

Amazon Early September Gaming Deals

If you are a thrifty shopper then you are most likely looking forward to Black Friday later this year. Although many gamers may want to be good and behave, the temptation to buy something new and exciting. If you have been craving a new video game, there are a few options to choose from during this week’s Amazon early September deals.

If you have been holding off on playing Dark Souls III, The Last Guardian, or NieR Automata then this week’s Amazon deals might just be for you.

Dark Souls III – PS4 [Digital Code] for $23.99
Mega Man Legacy Collection – Xbox One Digital Code – $6
The King Of Fighters XIV – PS4 [Digital Code] for $29.99
Forza Motorsport 6 Deluxe Edition – Xbox One Digital Code – $41.99
Little Nightmares – PS4 [Digital Code] for $13.99
The Crew: Calling All Units – PS4 [Digital Code] for $9.99
Blue-Collar Astronaut (Crossbuy) (Indie) – PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita [Digital Code] – $6.99
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Lawbreakers – PS4 [Digital Code] for $29.99
Pyre – PS4 [Digital Code] for $17.99
Tearaway Unfolded – PS4 [Digital Code] – $19.99
Battlezone – PlayStation VR [Digital Code] – $39.99
Rigs Mechanized Combat League – PlayStation VR [Digital Code] – $29.99
SpeedRunners (Indie) – PS4 [Digital Code] – $9.99
Escape Plan – PS4 [Digital Code] – $9.99
Hohokum (3-Way Cross Buy) – PS4 [Digital Code] – $9.99
Starblood Arena – PS4 [Digital Code] – $19.99
Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut (Cross-Buy) – PS4 [Digital Code] – $9.99
Battlefield Bundle – Xbox One Digital Code – $29.99
Crimson Dragon – Xbox One Digital Code – $14.99
The Last Guardian – PS4 Digital Code – $39.99
Digimon World Next Order – PS4 [Digital Code] – $35.99
One Piece Burning Blood – PS4 [Digital Code] – $29.99
Steep – Xbox One Digital Code – $39.99
Forza Horizon 2 Ten Year Anniversary Edition – Xbox One Digital Code – $19.99
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition [Online Game Code]PC – $19.99
NieR: Automata – [Online Game Code] PC – $38.99

If you are ever in the mood or craving discounted items, it is always a good idea to check out Amazon’s page for any deals. We here at strive to find some of the greatest gaming deals around the net. Let us know what deals interest you and what games you decided to pick up and why.

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