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Daddy Gamer PAX West 2017 Video

Swag, Games, and Update!

daddy gamer pax west 2017

I recently went to PAX West and it was amazing! Check this video where I go over the Daddy Gamer PAX West 2017 experience! I got to play some really fun games, got some really cool opportunities, and got some pretty neat swag to bring back home with me!

Bear with me for a bit of a long video as I show off my swag and talk about some of the games I played. Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Monster Hunter World, Divinity Original Sin II, and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, are just a few of the games I played! Then stay tuned to the end for a quick update on what I’ve got in the works!

What games from PAX got you the most excited? Let me know in the comments!

Unable to label, In a moment of particular brilliance realized that he could combine all of his major passions into one! Locking himself away in the den he went to work. Almost breaking under the pressure of self criticism he was finished… Thus Daddy Gamer was born!

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