EA Releases Need for Speed: Payback Welcome to Fortune Valley Trailer

need for speed road race

Less than two months away from launch, EA drops a new trailer for the latest in the Need for Speed franchise. Welcome to Fortune Valley showcases many of the open world features of the upcoming title, along with just some of the variety of cars that will be found in the game.

While the environments shown are all fictional, they’re clearly inspired by much of the terrain and cities in the Southern Nevada/Northern Arizona/Southern California area. From neon lights and skyscraping casinos of Boomville to an abandoned airfield and twisting dirt roads flanked by Joshua trees, the biggest open world in the history of the Need for Speed franchise promises a substantial variety of challenges for race fans.

The video also shows off one of the new game’s key features: derelicts. Abandoned cars scattered around the world which players can find and customize in a variety of ways. Starting by collecting all of the parts needed to restore a derelict back to its original glory, players can then push their restored classics to new levels with the same customization and upgrade features available to other cars in the game.

Need for Speed payback derelict to restored car

From Derelict to Destroyer – an abandoned wreck can become a dominating, unique personal racer.

Need for Speed: Payback is being developed by Swedish developer Ghost Games, who previously developed Need for Speed Rivals, and Need for Speed (2015). Need for Speed: Payback is slated for release on November 10, 2017 on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One family of consoles, and on Windows PC.

Need for speed garage

Platinum Car pack vehicles

Preorder options are split between a Standard edition and a Deluxe edition. The Deluxe pack includes a three day head start on gameplay, a special story mission pack, exclusive NOS Color, license plate, and leaderboard icon, five free supply shipments, a 5% reputation boost, and a 10% discount on in-game content purchased using the in-game currency. Both preorders include the Platinum car pack.

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