Indie MEGABOOTH to Present Participants with Purrs at PAX West 2017

Indie MEGABOOTH to Present Participants with Purrs at PAX West 2017

There’s no way to ease into this, folks: Indie MEGABOOTH, in conjunction with the hit game Exploding Kittens and MEOW Cat Rescue, will be hosting a “Non-Exploding Kitten Room” for PAX West attendees who simply don’t have enough contact with cuddly murder machines in their daily lives.

In addition to purring fur-balls, the room will host tabletop games. All of the cats are available for adoption, and if you find your pointy-eared soulmate, you can coordinate with MEOW after PAX West to apply to take them home with you.

Good news for those who weren’t able to get passes: the “Non-Exploding Kitten Room” is open to the general public, so no badges are needed to snorgle the bellies of these babies, in the Buster room of the ACT Theatre, from September 1-411am to 3pm PDT.

If you’ve got a badge, the Exploding Kittens booth (#7505) will be hosting the “Exploding Kittens Human Vending Machine,” where a limited number of GOLDEN TICKETS will be give to lucky attendees (and a friend, each) to skip to the front of the line.

It’s important to note that visitors will only have up to five minutes with the felines, so if you were looking forward to camping out, unfortunately that’s not possible. But five minutes in a room full of kittens is better than none at all, right?


Find out more information about MEOW Cat Rescue via their Facebook, and visit their website to see available cats, volunteer opportunities, and adoption information.

Exploding Kittens is all over social media, with TwitterFacebook, and Instagram accounts. For traditionalists, they also have a website. If you decide to tweet to/about them, use the hashtag #NonExplodingKittens.

Bonnie is a collector of video games, a yarn addict, and her hair color changes more often than the sun shines in Seattle. She occasionally streams on Twitch under the moniker squeakyb. A former indie game writer, and a current purveyor of fiber crafts, she’s always looking for her next distraction. She could probably be lured into a van with an offer of cheese.

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