New Shovel Knight Amiibos are Incredible

Shovel Knight Amiibo three pack

Confession time! I have a problem. I am hopelessly addicted to the purchasing of Amiibo, the wonderfully designed Nintendo figures that unlock things in various games. Amiibo are literally what I’ve always wanted as a child, a high-quality Nintendo figure that I could display proudly; the fact they unlock things is just icing on the cake. Out of the hundred or so Amiibo I have, Shovel Knight is my favorite. This is mostly due to the fact that it was the first indie game Amiibo and also because Shovel Knight is a phenomenal game. Now there are three new figures on the way and I have a might need to pierce my wallet.

Oh yeah, and I learned of these new Amiibo through one of my favorite Youtube shows, Game Grumps. Funnily enough, Game Grumps is where I first learned about Shovel Knight, as those were the early days of Kickstarter’s influence on the world of gaming. Not only were those first few moments great Game Grumps material, but they went on to play the game a couple more times with each season being funnier than the last. Lich Lord Specter Knight Shovel Knight

Here are the functions of the Amiibo:

  • Cosmetic armor sets for each character
  • Exclusive challenge stages
  • Helper fairies

Honestly, details are a bit sparse at the moment as we don’t know precisely what these new figures do. Yet, the sheer existence of them is amazing, especially when one considers that each of these expansions are free and the base games are only about twenty bucks.

I cannot wait to get my hands on these Amiibo. Hopefully the functionality revealed by the trailer and the press release end up being awesome additions to the game. Personally, I can’t get enough of Shovel Knight. It is a game that will likely maintain its instant-classic status for decades to come.

More information about the Amiibo three pack are on the official Yacht Club Games website.

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