Square Enix Collective Releases Anime Adventure Game Tokyo Dark on Steam

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This one’s been a long time coming. Originally Kickstarted in May 2015, Cherrimochi’s Tokyo Dark is out now on Steam! Featuring an anime art style and a dark take on the point-and-click adventure genre, Tokyo Dark promises a unique spin on what has generally been a more light-hearted genre.

Set in the streets of Japan’s capital city, Tokyo Dark places players in the role of Detective Ayami Itō as she explores the underbelly of the metropolis in search of her missing partner. As she follows up leads and gradually gathers clues, Itō must make decisions that alter both the course of the game and her relationship to her fellow Tokyo inhabitants. Puzzles slowly unravel in ways that lead the detective to question whether she’s closer to solving a problem, or losing her mind.

Tokyo Dark

Everything here is fine. Really.

Developer Cherrymochi cited the influence of games such as The Cat Lady and Never Ending Nightmares, on Tokyo Dark’s development. The game’s flexible, branching storyline and multiple solutions to puzzles should provide value for multiple runs through the story while players attempt to answer the question on whether the dark shadows in Itō’s world are a part of Tokyo’s dark streets, or just a figment of her imagination?

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I’m sure she’s going to have some perfectly reasonable conversations.

Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix was quoted on what pushed him to pick up Tokyo Dark for publishing by the Square Enix Collective: “We think Tokyo Dark has the potential to energise [sic] the horror genre, with Cherrymochi’s take on point-and-click a whole lot darker than the kind of titles you see from most developers. That’s ultimately what Square Enix Collective is about: giving gamers fresh takes on genres they love.”

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How to use a gun

Tokyo Dark is now available for PC on Steam.

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