There is Assassin’s Creed in my Final Fantasy XV

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Alright game industry, while you may have convinced me to love angry chaos bunnies running amok in the Mushroom Kingdom, I am even more unsure about white hooded assassins riding chocobos. From now until January 31st of 2018, Noctis and his beautiful boys will be able to don the cloth of the brotherhood from Assassin’s Creed. This comes as a free event for Final Fantasy XV, taking place in the in-game city of Lestallum.

Yep, players can now run around in a fashion similar to the Assassin’s Creed games, including the series’ movement and climbing. The limits of this movement system are unknown as of this writing; I have downloaded the free expansion, but have yet to give it a try. Items available for unlocking include Medjay Assassin’s Robes for Noctis and his crew, and the Master Assassin’s Robes for Noctis, the latter which is only obtainable via the Dream Egg from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Other in-game collaboration items include the Assassin’s Creed-themed Regalia items (decal and full body decal), along with a themed photo frame and filter that can be applied to and accessorized with Prompto’s photographs.

FFXV cross Assassin's Creed

Also coming with the free DLC are:

  • Noodle Helmet Outfit – this mysterious, famed Nissin Cup Noodle outfit musters up Noctis and his comrades’ energy and remarkably increases their HP recovery rate.
  • Timed Quest Updates – Additional limited-time “Timed Quests” have been added to the quest tracker.
  • Exhibition of Third Snapshot Contest Winning Photos – The winning photos from the third community Snapshot Contest are now on display at Galdin Quay.
  • Bestiary – A gallery where players can see the enemies they have defeated in battle and take an in-depth visual look at the enemy is now available via the menu screen.
  • Chapter Select – Players can now select and play various chapters from the main menu. This feature can only be accessed after completing the game.

Hesitation is probably the best word for my thoughts on this collaboration. Seems like this is happening a lot these days with Final Fantasy XV. Were sales not as high as expected, prompting brand deals with other properties? I mean, there are like five spin-off mobile games for this one, one of which is absolute garbage (A New Empire). That being said, I am genuinely excited for FFXV: Pocket Edition. Personally, I hope this practice doesn’t carry over for future Final Fantasy titles. Alternate versions or spin-offs are fine, but there is a quality assurance issue with FFXV that seems to be getting bigger. In ten years will we look at FFXV as the one that was a sellout? Is this Square Enix’s black album?

Either way, the new DLC is out now and its weird, but I hope it plays well. We shall see.

More information about the update can be found on the official website.

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