Autumn and Winter Steam Sale Dates Leaked

Autumn and Winter Steam Sale Dates Leaked

Prepare your bank accounts, for there are Steam sales upon us. It seems the details on the upcoming events have been leaked online. As originally reported by Kotaku UK, three developer sources confirmed the dates and times for the next three Steam sales, complete with visual evidence.

Halloween Sale: October 26, 2017 – November 1, 2017

Autumn Sale: November 22, 2017 – November 28, 2017

Winter Sale: December 21, 2017 – January, 2018

While the image itself doesn’t officially confirm the Halloween sale date, the leak seems to be legit. So, if anyone needs some last minute holiday gifts or wants to pick up some horror games to stream just in time for Halloween, that time is coming up quick. Just make sure to save same money for candy and eggnog.

Joanna Nelius is a Southern California native who was raised on age-inappropriate games, yet somehow turned out alright. She has been an editor and contributor for several small gaming publications, as well as speculative fiction and academic magazines, for the last few years. When she has some free time, she usually spends it exploring abandoned buildings or watching Unsolved Mysteries—and finding good homes for her twisted horror and sci-fi stories.

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