Freddy Krueger joins Dead by Daylight in DLC

Dead by Daylight Freddy Krueger DLC

The horrible sound of metal scrapping against middle deafens the teen as he hides in a crawl space. A tangle of pipes are all he can see from his cramped spot. Just a few moments ago, he was asleep in his warm bed. Surely this was a dream, but the cut on his leg, burning with pain and seeped in blood, said otherwise.

Accompanying that terrible screech of metal were footsteps, steady, methodical, with purpose. The boy’s breath grew shallow as he cupped his mouth, pushed his body as deep into the space as possible, and prayed to anything listening to be jolted from this nightmare. Then, silence filled the space.

He waited for what seemed like years, almost building up the courage to peek out of his hole, almost letting out a sigh. A horribly scarred face appeared in his view, a hand grabbed his leg and started to drag, and a sinister laugh reverberated in his skull. This was no dream. . .

Freddy Krueger, the star of the iconic horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street, has made his way into the Dead by Daylight arena. The multiplayer game that got a headstart on asymmetric horror, beating out the Friday the 13th game in both timing and (arguably) execution by almost a full year, continues to add to the scares with DLC.

Not only will players be able to don the striped sweater, but a new survivor will also be available. Quentin Smith is a young man who knows what happens when sleep comes, fighting it off with energy drinks and pills. The battle of nightmares will take place in a new map at Badham Preschool, the very place that Freddy became the monster he is.

Here are the new features:

  • 1 New Killer + Perks and Power – Freddy Krueger
  • 1 New Survivor + Perks – Quentin Smith
  • 1 New Map – Springwood: Badham Preschool

The new DLC pack is out now for PC at $6.99 with PS4 and Xbox One getting the DLC later on. For more information on this new Dead by Daylight content, check out the official website.

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