Hello Neighbor Crossover with Bendy

Two Popular Indie Horror Titles Combine Forces

Bendy and Hello Neighbor article crossover

Ah, Hello Neighbor, a game about breaking and entering into the neighbor’s house across the street, only to find that there just may be some truth to one’s fears. Since its Alpha builds made rounds with the let’s play community, Hello Neighbor¬†quickly fit that niche of being a crazy scary game full of mystery that’s just as fun to watch, bolstering its popularity in a matter of days. In a similar role is Bendy and the Ink Machine, a dark tale about an animation studio gone horribly wrong. Both have some depth with its story and both are the topics of quite a few episodes of Game Theory. Now these two indie horror titles are working together with crossover mods.

I can only imagine someone avoiding Bendy and the Ink Machine, due to it being too scary and opting in for Hello Neighbor instead, only to find their fears running around in that game. The vice versa of this is also amusing. Either way, it’s always cool to see indie studios (which would definitely be seen as competition in the AAA space) working together to bring their players together. Maybe a Bendy fan tries out Hello Neighbor because of this, making a new fan that might have missed out otherwise.

Here’s how to access these crossover mods on Steam

  • To access the Hello Bendy mod, simply search for “Hello Bendy” in your Steam Library. It temporarily replaces the “Hello Neighbor” store item. You can still access all other builds via the “Properties – Betas” dropdown.
  • To checkout Bendy and the Ink Machine’s Neighbor mod, simply download BATIM on Steam.

It’s also funny to think about just how young a lot of these indie horror fans are, thanks mostly in part to super popular YouTube personalities latching onto these unique games. I’ve met children no older than ten discuss theories about Five Nights at Freddy’s in a way that would make even some college students blink rapidly in confusion.

I always like to think what sort of games will be developed by those generations. For example, kids that grew up playing Minecraft will likely make completely different games in their adult life than those that grew up playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES.¬†That connection can already be seen in the indie space, as now we’re starting to see more N64/PSOne nostalgia creeping into game design, as well as Gamecube.

Personally, I hope someone in the modding community takes the creatures of Cuphead and puts them into Bendy and the Ink Machine. That or put Bendy into Cuphead! Both would make a lot of sense due to the themes at work in both titles.

Find more information on the official websites for both Hello Neighbor and Bendy and the Ink Machine.

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