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HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset PAX West Hands-On

hyperx cloud alpha

I game and travel—A LOT. I also stream, host events, and (if I can’t sleep) game in bed. So, it’s important to me have a headset that is comfortable, reliable, and produces high quality sound so I can hear everything going on in my games. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset was released at the end of September, but before it was, I got a hands-on—or rather, head-on—preview of it. I can tell you this: at only $99, this headset is a great piece of hardware that will not break the bank.

The first thing that caught my eye was the look and feel of these headsets. In my hands they were incredibly light. The red and black aluminum completely fits my aesthetic (as those are my favorite colors) and the leather ear pieces felt so soft. While talking to the HyperX representative, he showed me how so many little changes can make such a huge impact. The foam on the inside of the earpiece had been changed to one that was slightly lighter than its predecessor, and the difference to the touch was like night and day. I was honestly taken aback on much lighter the Cloud Alpha felt compared to the previous model.

Another new feature they added was what they called “Dual Chamber Tech.” HyperX had a model of their headset that had been cut in half, so I could see the inner workings of how the sound travels through it. Dual-Chamber Tech essentially sends the audio through two chambers to ensure that the sound that travels to your ear and is crisp and clear.

After getting my hands on the Cloud Alpha and its inner workings, it was time for me to take it for a test drive. I put the headset on and it was connected to an MP3 player where I was treated to six songs across various genres of music.

This was the end of my day at PAX; I had been wearing headphones and my glasses all day, surviving on Monster Energy drinks and convention pizza. The last thing I wanted to do was put on a headset that would give me a headache, but before the music even started I noticed that the headset felt incredibly light on my head and ears. I wear glasses so if I wear a headset too long I can easily get a headache from the pressure. The headset felt amazing, and I was ready to start the music.

From the crisp horns of Shakria’s “Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte” to the booming bass of Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” the sound from the HyperX was amazing. Even with all the hustle and noise coming from the show floor I was able to hear each song crystal clear.

I didn’t get to listen to any games using the headset, but I am willing to bet that they will sound just as amazing as the music I heard.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset is available now. If you’re looking to get into streaming, or simply need a cost efficient headset upgrade, I would highly consider putting this headset at the top of your list.

Mike and Tifa Robles love Magic: The Gathering, video games, and each other. Tifa is the Founder/Organizer for The Lady Planeswalker Society and Mike helps support her. They also have a YouTube channel together where they vlog and do game reviews

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